-Joy can make any event into something special-

Joy is my dream come true, she is a 1972 vw bus that came all the way from Texas.

She has been gently restored in Denmark with authentic decor and a new motor.

I was the woman who never thought I would get married, but then I met the love of my life and yes, we got married :D

We both wanted a very intimate and small wedding and quickly understood how difficult it all was to arrange.
I was working full-time as a manager while planning the wedding. And this is where I found my passion.

-Joy is what you feel when you see her-

 I want to give everybody the chance to have a day that doesn´t have to cost a fortune and that focuses on the couple and what the moment really is about. Giving yourself to your significant other. This is why we offer to elope with Joy and get married in nature. We will be here to to plan and guide you through your big day!

You can also add Joy as a special feature for your special day. She can be the photographer at your wedding with our built-in photo booth, transport you to a wedding, confirmation or any special event.

Joy also loves to get her picture taken for photo shoots.
So take her with you on your journey!

Frida Christensen

Founder & Creative Director